Episode 87: The Power of Personal Coaching (An Interview with the CEO of Coach.me)

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One of the best ways to become the best possible version of yourself is through being coached by a high quality mentor. It’s the secret weapon of the elite. This indispensable, but elusive tool was once a privilege only few could afford, but with Tony Stubblebine’s launch of Coach.me, immediate and affordable coaching is available to aid you in achieving any goal. Join host Hal Elrod as he and his guest, Tony Stubblebine, debunk the myth of overnight success and discuss the importance of quality coaching.

Tony will be the first to tell you that it was by working hard and working smart that he got to where he is today. But before taking up running in high school, he was convinced he was lazy. Not until he realized that he ran more miles over the summer than anyone else on his high school team did he see that he wasn’t lazy, he just needed to be passionate in order to apply himself.

After a record-breaking senior year of high school, Tony decided to run at Grinnell College, a Division III school in Iowa. With each injury that he encountered, he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting faster. After looking back at his running career, he realized that he had stopped doing the strength exercises that had once been a focus of his during his high school years.

To know true success, the secret isn’t hard work; it’s working smarter. One of the best ways to ensure that you are working towards your goals in an effective and efficient way is by doing the following:

  1. Write your ideal plan and decide everything in advance to avoid making emotional decisions
  2. First, focus on the habit. Then, focus on growing.
  3. Make sure that the first thing you do in the morning is something fun that makes you want to get out of bed

By starting your morning off right, you set yourself in motion for the rest of the day. While Coach.me can be used in conjunction with The Miracle Morning, it has helped people to lose weight, quit drinking, become more productive, and even meditating. Rather than see any set back as a failure, Tony encourages you to change your perspective. Failure only happens when your expectations do not match your goals. Instead, view your failures as an opportunity to reset and repeat and you’ll achieve your goal in no time.

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