Episode 82: How To Avoid Becoming a Procrastinator

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“One of the saddest things in life is to realize you could have been, done, and had so much more… and do nothing about it.” 

Don’t allow yourself to put off achieving your goals. One of the most destructive forces preventing people from getting the results they want is procrastination. Join Hal Elrod and Nick Palkowski as they share strategies to avoid procrastination entirely and to stop procrastination in its tracks.

  1. Identify areas and  activities you are procrastinating and ask yourself: what is it costing you?
  2. Ask yourself why you are procrastinating.
  3. Clarify the next 3 steps in each area and know your goals
  4. Prioritize and schedule those steps into your schedule
  5. Act without thinking

Challenge yourself to a 30 day no procrastination challenge. Choose just one area to focus on, identify the next three steps you need to get closer to your goal, and implement those steps in your schedule. Don’t allow yourself to stop and consider the reasons to procrastinate and follow through on what you promised yourself you would do.

“Extraordinary results are born from extraordinary clarity.” 

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