episode 76

Episode 76: Take a LEAP To Success (An Interview with Dr. Bill Dorfman)

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“It's much better to copy genius than to reinvent mediocrity.”

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While the Achieve Your Goals podcast has interviewed it’s fair share of high profile people, this week’s episode sees its biggest celebrity interview yet: Dr. Bill Dorfman,DDS. As seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and The Doctors, Dr. Bill has excelled as a dentist to the stars with clients including Jessica Simpson, Usher, and Ozzie Osbourne.

Among his greatest accomplishments is the creation of the LEAP Foundation, a nonprofit that hosts a weeklong program at UCLA for young adults to foster leadership skills necessary for success. As someone who has experienced a lot of success, Dr. Bill shares his unique view on failure (6:15) and his strategies for achieving at an elite level (15:00):

  1. Don’t wait for opportunities in life. Make them.
  2. When you have opportunity, don’t take it. Master it.
  3. Never rest on your laurels.

When Dr. Bill gets an idea, he believes in it and executes it which is a huge part of why he is so successful today. Don’t become complacent. You can always improve yourself and your methods. The next LEAP program is the week of July 12-18 at UCLA. For more information and for a $500 tuition discount, text “LEAP” to 54900.

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