episode 69

Episode 69: Creating a 7-Figure Income Stream (An Interview with Pat Flynn)

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“The enemy of great is good.”

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Hal Elrod’s guest this week is someone widely admired for his transparency, honesty, and how he has aligned his work-life balance with his values: Pat Flynn. As the host of one of the highest-rated podcasts on iTunes, the Smart Passive Income podcast, he currently is on track to bring in a seven-figure income this year.

Pat shares his humble beginnings as a promising, ambitious young architect from UC-Berkley who found himself laid off at the height of the economic crisis in 2008. With no Plan B, Pat made the most of his buffer period before his termination. Learn how Pat’s hard work paid off when he discovered the power of podcasting (8:45).

For Pat, family truly does come first. By working smarter and making the most of his time, Pat is able to co-parent with his wife by maximizing the time he can spend with his two kids. With the help of The Miracle Morning, Pat has empowered himself to be more present and productive in his daily life.

According to Pat, anyone and everyone is capable of developing a passive stream of income. If you’re not already, tune in to Pat’s podcast and discover how you can avoid income time traps and achieve your financial goals. By acknowledging your strengths, knowing your goals, and working backward to establish a plan, anyone can find ways to add value and make money.

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