episode 61

Episode 61: My $5,000 Takeaways | From One of the Best Events I’ve Ever Been To

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Inspired by his experience at Giovanni Marsico’s Archangel Academy for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, Hal shares his biggest takeaways from the weekend spanning across all parts of life: from the professional to the personal. This episode offers a buffet of different ideas from a variety of extraordinary people which will absolutely add value to your life.

Create a powerful context for your business and for your life by crafting a mission that is bigger than yourself, something that will propel you and your business forward (6:18). Come to appreciate the art of selling and learn to utilize Facebook ads as a way of expanding your business (3:10). In that same vein, take a few lessons from Bill Clinton on how to become a world-class conversationalist and take your communication skills to the next level (31:45).

Starting with your children, start scheduling more one-on-one time with each individual child one time a year and really form a quality bond (4:40). Learn the 3 G’s of life and love from Anil Gupta and learn to ask the questions that will save your relationship (18:20).

Although the tips and tools shared in this episode vary greatly, the most important takeaway is that you don’t have to wait to achieve the life you want and to start loving the life you have.

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