episode 60

Episode 60: Achieving Multiple Big Goals | An Interview with Stacey Alcorn

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“Failure is one of the best gifts we’re given as entrepreneurs.”

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A well-known author, fashionista, “entrepreneur extraordinaire”, attorney, and business owner, Stacey Alcorn wears many hats and has experienced the ups and downs of being a leader in her many business ventures and in her personal life. As an entrepreneurial leader in the Boston real-estate world, Stacey joins Hal to share her journey to success.

With so much success under her belt, Stacey has known her share of defeats and failures. During the Great Recession of 2008, she found herself selling and sacrificing everything in order to save her fledgling real estate business. In offering the story of her failure with us, Stacey shares the secrets to her success. Through hard work and dedication, Stacey managed to turn things around for herself and her business.

One of the lasting lessons that she learned was to embrace that she could be successful through self-empowering affirmations (15:50). Instead of succumbing to insecurities and reverting to negative thought processes, Stacey learned the importance and the effectiveness of positive thinking. Stacey shares 3 of her best strategies for success (22:27):

  1. Affirmations
  2. Reading
  3. Adhering to a systemized process
  4. Curate a circle of influence

Sometimes setbacks happen and they can either push you down or power you forward. Stacey reminds us that there is nothing stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams. Take a risk today and reach out to someone you idolize, someone you would like as a mentor. See what happens!

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“Successful people know that failure is a part of the process.”

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