episode 58

Episode 58: Five Years to the Life of Your Dreams

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"The best day to start was yesterday, so the next best time to start is today.”

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Are you living the life that you designed and created? What do you envision for your life 5 years from now personally, professionally, and socially? 2015 has only just begun, but we’re looking forward to 2020 by ensuring that your current habits align with your ultimate 5 year plan.

Starting with writing down a 5-year vision, break your plan down into clear, annual goals. Take 15 minutes out of every day and review your goals to ensure that your goals are at top mind awareness. To start your comprehensive 5-year plan, Hal suggests using the following categories for guidance in creating the life that you want (11:30):

  • Career and income
  • Family and Romance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fun
  • Contribution

Assess your priorities, what’s important with you, and how you want to spend your time day to day (16:30). Inspired by Pat Flynn’s supremely popular podcast Smart Passive Income and Chris Ducker’s Virtual Freedom: How to Work with a Virtual Staff, Hal encourages you to avoid succumbing to “Superhero Syndrome”. By truly examining your daily life, you can figure out what positions need to be filled for you to build your team and make your dream life a reality!

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“When ’re doing everything, you can’t do the most important things!”

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