episode 55

Episode 55: 6 Months to 6 Figures | An Interview with Peter Voogd

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“I literally failed my way to success.”

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Peter Voogd is back!! The guest from one of your favorite episodes has returned, this time to talk about his brand new book, 6 Months to 6 Figures. Founder of the Game Changers Program and serial entrepreneur, Peter shares his real life story of going from flat out broke to making a six figure income in only six months (4:53). His new book tells you exactly how to accomplish that yourself and gives you the tactical information you need to put it into action.

Join Peter as he discusses the importance of master vs. information overload (14:02), and how money should relate to your confidence levels (16:20). Peter also gives you the 6 steps that he used to reach those 6 figures (19:28), the same steps that he still uses today. These simple tips are straightforward and can be used in any industry, so listen in and make them work for you! They include:

  • Being clear about what you want
  • Shifting your circle of influence
  • And defining your result rituals

Discover the other three, and learn how to put all of them into action so you can achieve the results that you’ve always wanted. Whether your goals are money related or not, Peter’s strategies are timeless and applicable to nearly every aspect of life; so listen in, and take your life to the next level!

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“Habits will trump inspiration any day”

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