Episode 50: Bulletproofing Your Life | An Interview with Dave Asprey

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Calling all coffee lovers! In this episode, Hal Elrod is joined by the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey. After becoming a multimillionaire in his mid-20’s, Dave was successful in one aspect of his life but was struggling in another: his weight. At over 300 pounds, Dave was suffering from several serious health effects including brain fog, which he contributes to the loss of his millions by the age of 28. He consulted his doctors, kept to a 1,800 calorie diet, worked out 90 minutes a day three times a week, but still nothing helped.

So he began his own research that ranged from EEG monitoring to visiting remote Tibetan monasteries, and finally found a solution that worked.  With the Bulletproof Diet, Dave has maintained a 100 pound weight loss, and has increased his IQ by 20 points!

Now you can gain inside information on Bulletproof Coffee and the subsequent Bulletproof Diet Book.  Dave talks about how he began to develop his product, the science behind the sensation, and why it will work for you.  Never again waste your energy saying no to bagels, with this diet you’ll simply cut your cravings and gain unprecedented amounts of energy and focus!

“If you have to use effort to lose weight, you’re doing it wrong.”

Dave uses bio-hacking to keep his body and mind at peak performance, and gives you easy to follow blueprints for achieving success (35:25):

  • Focus on the RIGHT macronutrients
  • Stay away from Kryptonite
  • Identify food quality
  • And eat the micronutrients you need

“I want more people to act nicely towards other people, and when your brain is turned on you act more like a human and less like a chimp.”

Between smart drugs and epigenetics, his past failures and current mission, Dave will entertain you with his story and get you hooked on his fast-growing movement, the Bulletproof Diet.  This is one podcast that your body AND your brain will thank you for.

“Your natural state is just to kick ass, and if there’s something blocking it you can use bio-hacking to figure out what it is.”

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