episode 36

Episode 36: Interview with Peter Voogd | How to Become A Game Changer

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What does it take to reach that next level in your life? What does it take to change the game?
This episode of the podcast is an interview with my personal mastermind partner, Peter Voogd.
Peter is a serial entrepreneur.  He’s dedicated himself to excellence in every area of life so he can better serve others. Peter has created over 8 million dollars in sales, and is responsible for millions of increased sales for others. He’s trained, coached and led thousands of Sales Reps, Managers, Leaders, College Students, Business Professionals, Olympians, and many others to very high levels of success.
His passion for EntrepreneurshipBusiness, & Leadership has created millions in sales, and inspired hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. Peter is known for his ability to bring out the best in every person he comes in contact with. He believes the more people you help to succeed, the more successful you become and is here to serve you.
Peter has figured out the tools needed to thrive at the highest level in this challenging new economy. He has an impressive story of going from broke to 5 straight years of 6 figure income, all at an incredibly young age.  Despite the challenge of lacking training, Peter ended up becoming the fastest entrepreneur to reach $1 million in annual sales in his company’s 60 + year history, but left his 6 figure income to pursue his mission.

He created the premier coaching community, GameChangersMovement.com and helps entrepreneurs thrive with RealVIPSuccess.com.

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