Episode 322: How to Improve the MOST Important Area of Your Life

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"Even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances of your life, you always have the choice to be the best that you've ever been."

Hal Elrod

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What if making a significant improvement in the MOST important area of your life is not only possible, but you can complete it in the next few weeks? In today’s podcast, you’ll find out how you can improve the most important area of your life.

Last week, I invited you and our fellow Miracle Morning Community members to join the “Mission for May” (30-Day Challenge) by choosing the ONE area of your life that you’d most like to improve, and then focus on improving every day, for the next 30 days, by concentrating your Miracle Morning S.A.V.E.R.S. on that one area.

Over 1,200 members of our community said “YES!” and are currently participating in the “Mission for May” Challenge, here in the Facebook group. Just because we’re a week into May doesn’t mean it’s too late!

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll learn what inspired this 30-day challenge, how to choose the one thing that needs your focus above all else right now, and the four simple steps you can follow to make a transformational change during the month of May and beyond.


  • Why I believe in living our lives in 30-day challenges.
  • How the process that led me to create the Miracle Morning was essentially a 30-day challenge.
  • Why we must change our mindset before we can change our behaviors, which will in turn change our results.
  • How my ADHD has hindered my Miracle Morning – and what I’ve done to double down on my practice since realizing this.
  • Why this could be the very best month of your life – even if you’re in the midst of extraordinarily challenging circumstances.


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Hey, goal achievers. Welcome to the Achieve Your Goals podcast. This is Hal Elrod. I’m excited for our conversation today. Is it a conversation? I can’t hear you talking back to me, so I don’t know if that counts as a conversation, but I like to think that I’m talking with you more than talking at you. At least that’s how I feel. I don’t know how it feels for you.


Today I want to talk about focusing on improving the most important area of your life. I am not going to tell you what the most important area of your life is. I don’t mean it in that context where I’m going to say, “This is the most important area of your life to improve.” What I’m talking about is you choosing the single most important area of your life that you feel right now needs the most attention, and focusing the next 30 days on that area.


You may have seen, I posted in The Miracle Morning Community Facebook group and then sent an email last week, I think, yeah, last week, for this miracle morning mission for May 30-day challenge. This is something that a general idea has been brewing in my mind for a week or so. I woke up the other day— it was last Thursday— and I go, “Okay, tomorrow’s May 1st.” I thought, “There’s no better time than…” There’s never a better time than now. It’s always the best time is now, but I thought, “There’s no better time than May 1st to start a brand new miracle morning 30-day challenge.” I shouldn’t say us. First it was me. It was like, “I’m going to start a 30-day challenge.”


For me personally, the way I view life and leadership and contribution and what’s been most effective for me is leading by example. I think for all of us, if you’re a parent, if you’re a CEO, leading by example is the most effective way to lead versus barking orders and shouting, “You should do this.” If my kids are behaving a certain way and I’m going, “Why are you yelling at your brother? Stop yelling at your brother.” Then I’m like, “Wait, I’m yelling at my daughter to stop yelling at her brother. I am definitely not leading by example.” I think leading by example is the best way. For me, when I went, “Oh wait, I’m going to do a 30-day challenge for May. I’ve got to invite our community and listeners of the podcast to do a 30-day challenge for May.”


Now, you’re listening to this, I know it’s May 6th if you’re listening to this live. We’re six days into May and you might be going, “I missed the… I didn’t see the email on it,” because I sent the email out on April 30th, so the day before May 1st, to invite you to the challenge. You might say, “I missed that email,” or “I didn’t get started,” or “I put it off.” Whatever. The timing is most often arbitrary. The best time, like I said, to start is always now. Whether or not you already started the Miracle Morning Mission for May 30-day challenge, which I’ll explain what that is. Whether you already started it or you haven’t yet, don’t worry. By the end of today’s podcast episode, I’d love for you to follow… I’m going to give you some simple steps that I posted about in the Facebook group, sent in an email, but I want to talk you through them now.


If you’re already doing the challenge, this hopefully will enhance that and you’ll get some new insights that will help you, some reminders that you might have read. I know for me, I read something and then once I’m done reading it I often forget what I read just about as fast as I’m done reading it. For me, hearing reminders, getting some repetition is really important.


The 30-day challenge, it is really simple in its essence. It’s about choosing one area of your life that you feel is the most important to focus on improving right now. Could be an area that you just want to improve. Maybe you’ve always wanted to improve it. Or it might be an area that you’re really struggling in. Maybe you lost your job or you’ve lost clients. Your business is hurting from the COVID pandemic. Maybe your marriage is in a rough place. Maybe your health isn’t where you want it to be. For everybody, it could be different. Of course, there’s going to be a lot of commonalities and some overlap. The idea is to choose one area of your life right now that you want to improve most. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to neglect the other areas— I’ll get to that in a second— but choose one area. Then focus your Miracle Morning savers, all six of the savers, on that area during the month of May. That will become your mission for May.


I want to follow up on what I just said, which is choosing one area for your 30-day challenge doesn’t mean that you will neglect other areas of your life. It just means that you’ll leverage the power of concentrated focus to improve in an area that is very important to you right now. I’m going to share my area so you have an example to go off of here a little bit later in the podcast.


You may have heard me say this— it’s been a while since I said this, but I’ve definitely said this a few times— which is to live your life in 30-day challenges. I haven’t been perfect at this, for sure. I’ve gone in and out of this where I’ll do this for a few months and then I’ll forget and get distracted and sidetracked or have a big project come up that takes my attention away. Then I’ll go, “Oh, I haven’t done a 30-day challenge in a while.” Here’s the idea: living your life in 30-day challenges means that what if every 30 days you chose one area of your life to hyper focus on, to leverage the power of concentrated effort and energy and attention in one area of your life? If every month you focused on making significant improvements in that one area, at the end of the year of course that’s 12 areas that you really dove deep for a period of 30 days each. That’s a lot of time dedicated to improving one area.


Change takes time, for sure. Change takes time but it doesn’t take that much time. I think we create unnecessary overwhelm in creating this perception that, “I feel so far off from making these changes I want,” or “I’ve tried and I’ve failed,” or “It feels like such an uphill battle to improve my marriage,” or “I’ve been so unhappy for so long.” In fact, here’s something that I realized: that this is specific to happiness or joy, as Chip Franks talks a lot about. The difference being happiness is fleeting, Chip says, and joy is an everlasting state of being. I think it’s kind of semantics but I see his point.


Here’s where I’m going with this: I realized that you can’t change anything overnight. Well, not anything but most things you can’t snap your fingers. You can’t change most things overnight. We’ll use the example of if you’re generally a happy person, a joyful person or you’re generally a depressed person. If you’re depressed, you can’t snap your fingers and completely shift, transform your emotional thermostat, if you will, your emotional wellbeing. That thermostat, that resting point that you’re stuck at, that you stay at on a daily basis and that you have for a long period of time. You probably are not going to be able to flip a switch and change that in 24 hours. You’re not going to hear a motivational speech or read a book and overnight have things change. But if you focus every day for 30 days on things that make you feel good, things that you’re grateful for, things that create emotional wellbeing, things that improve your biology, such as exercise, releasing endorphins and dopamine and serotonin and various chemicals and neurotransmitters that actually will rewire your brain to feel happy. If you do that every single day for 30 days you will be at a radically different place. You’ll be a radically different version of yourself than you are right now.


In the same way— and I can tell you this from experience— if you are a generally happy, joyful, grateful person, you’re probably not going to become depressed overnight. You have this emotional thermostat— I forgot who originally I read it or who talked about that— but this emotional thermostat that you’re kind of set at. It’s usually based on long periods of repetitive or repeated environmental factors. If you grew up in a family or around people, or you right now you spend time around people that are generally morose and negative and complain and are down then you kind of become your environment, and so it’s normal that you would become that way.


The point is that changing any aspect of our being first of all begins with on the inside. It’s always an inner change. It’s changing our mindset before we change our behaviors, which then changes our results. It starts with the shift and the upgrade, if you will, in our mindset.


I’m just encouraging you to realize that 30 days from now… and 30 days is an arbitrary number. It might be a week from now. In 2008 when the U.S. economy crashed… and you’ve heard me say it. I say this all the time referencing that time in my life when I created The Miracle Morning. It was literally a matter of days before I went from feeling depressed and hopeless to happy and optimistic. It didn’t take 30 days. It literally took a couple of days. I talked about that in one of the recent podcast episodes that it was the idea that one of the things that causes depression is losing hope. When you lose hope, damn, that’s depressing. When you’ve lost hope that you can improve or that life is going to get better, when you’ve lost hope that you can turn things around for yourself, well then, yeah, that’s depressing. I don’t care who you are. Once I had the hope, I did this this morning practice, I went, “Wow, I feel great doing this practice and I’m feeling better every day I do it. If I keep doing it it’s only a matter of time before I turn things around.”


I remember, going back to this miracle morning mission for May 30 day challenge that I’m inviting you to participate in, the… Again, it’s choosing one area of your life, which is often hard for people because they go, “I’ve got so many areas I want to improve,” or “I have so many areas that I’m challenged in, that I’m struggling in, that I need to make changes in.” Great. Focus on one at a time. One of my good friends, Geoff Woods is the vice president of The ONE Thing, based on the book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Of course, that book, you can tell by the title if you haven’t read it, it’s about that true transformation comes from focusing on one thing at a time, and not diverting your focus and your attention and your energy amongst too many things. Which, raise your hand if you’re guilty. I’m raising my hand. That when you focus on too many things, you typically make very little progress in any one of those things.


That was my breakthrough a couple of weeks ago with the Miracle Morning. I went, “Wait. In 2008, the Miracle Morning transformed my life. I got over my depression and I doubled my income really quickly. Why am I not seeing the same results as I did back then?” What I realized is my miracle morning is so advanced, if you will. I don’t even know if advanced is the right word. It’s really just a mess. I’ve been doing it so long that I’ve got dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of affirmations; pages and pages of affirmations. I’ve tried so many meditation practices that I’ll switch them up every single day. The point is, I’m not focusing on one strategy for an extended period of time for any of my savers. I’m not doing the same practice every day. I basically have let my ADHD… I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. You can hang out with me for five minutes. You don’t need a diagnosis. Or if you listen to this podcast, you can probably tell. Most of my podcasts, I tend to bounce around a little bit. I’ve got my notes in front of me, so I try to keep coming back.


The point is, my miracle morning, it’s like a total ADHD miracle morning. I just bounce around. I will literally, during my miracle morning… Here’s another good example, I’ve got like, I don’t know, 15 books on my bedside table that I’m reading, and I will read… At least, I was. Now I’m trying to narrow into one book at a time. This is another example of how all of my savers were scattered. I was dispersing energy and attention amongst many different stimuli in the midst of any given saver. With my books, in the morning I’ll read three different books. I’ll read a little bit out of this one, a little bit of this one, a little bit of this one, and then the next day I won’t even read the same three books. Sometimes I might read one of the same and then I’ll grab another couple books off the nightstand and I’ll read. How am I supposed to improve? How are you supposed to make significant meaningful improvements or changes in your life without that focused, concentrated attention? I’m the poster child here raising my hand saying that my miracle morning got off track.


Circling back to this Miracle Morning Mission for May 30-day Challenge, there’s four simple steps. Four simple steps. Number one is choose your mission for May. I already mentioned that. It’s “choose that one area of your life that you feel is the most important to focus on improving right now.” That could be your emotional wellbeing, to be happier, to experience more gratitude. That’s mine this month, by the way. Mine this month is to be the happiest and the most grateful that I’ve ever been because over the last 12 months that’s the thing that’s fallen off for me.


I can remember back in 2011, I believe it was, I was living in an apartment with my wife and our first daughter Sophie, who was just under two years old. I was so happy. I was healthy. I was so in touch with my spirituality. Essentially, all of my relationships were at a peak. If I was rating every area of my life on a scale of 1 to 10, I was probably an 8 or a 9 in most areas. Then one day I had this breakthrough that my finances, they were at a good place. They weren’t bad but they were the one area where I would have rated them at maybe like a 5. I don’t remember exactly what I would’ve rated them, but I wouldn’t have given them a really high rating. I think that actually is what it was. I think I did a wheel of life. I filled out the wheel of life, which I’ve done probably a dozen times in my life. Every year I usually fill out a wheel of life, just to check in on where am I at in each area of my life.


If you don’t know what a wheel of life is, by the way, it is in the Miracle Morning 30-day Challenge Workbook. If you go to you can download that. It’s all free resources. Anyway, I was doing a wheel of life, which essentially is a picture of a wheel and then it’s divided into 8 or 10 pizza slices, if you will. Categories. One is physical health. One is your mental and emotional wellbeing. One is your relationships. One might be your significant other. One maybe could be as a parent. One’s your finances. One is how much fun you’re having. It’s these 8 to 10 areas of your life.


When I filled that out, that’s what I think it was. I remember I realized, “Wow, every area I’m rating really high right now. I’m feeling really good about my life in almost every area.” Then my finances were a lot lower; were really low. What I did is I went, “Wow, I invest a lot of time in all these other areas, which is why they’re all doing great.” Money was never that important to me. Or at least that was a lie I told myself maybe. I thought, “I don’t want to be greedy. It’s not all about money.” There were all these beliefs from my childhood of “Money’s the root of all evil. I just want to help people and I just want to be happy and healthy. If money comes as a result, great.” I realized that if I didn’t focus on it, it wasn’t going to get better. In… Maybe it was 2009. I’m trying to remember what year it was. No, I think it was ’11. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The point is I had this epiphany, “Wow, the one area of my life that I need to focus my energy and attention on right now… I’ve got all the other areas. All the wheels are spinning. I’m feeling great in terms of every area of my life except my finances.” That was my one thing. That was my one area.


I took all my books. I was ADD back then, but I took all my books that I was reading on health and spirituality and all these different areas of my life, and I put them all up on the shelf. Then I went through my books and I pulled out all the books on money, on managing… I think at that time I read two books. I read Total Money Makeover, which was basically how to live below your means and be smart with the money that you have, how to protect the money you have. Then I read… I don’t remember which book it was, but I chose a book on making more money. Maybe it was Growing My Business. I don’t remember which book it was. It might’ve been C.J. Hayden Get Clients Now for coaching. I’m not sure.


The point was I focused on income, kind of like I had in 2008. My income transformed. 2011 was when… Oh, it was Get Clients Now. That’s right because that taught me about creating a group coaching program. Listen to this, everybody. At that time I made all of my money, most of my money… I was doing a little bit of speaking for colleges and maybe a company here or there, but pretty minimal. I made most of my money from private coaching, one-on-one coaching. I did business coaching, life coaching, sales coaching, I would coach kind of all in one. It would be an individual that had goals they wanted to accomplish, and we’d do a couple of calls a month.


I read this book, Get Clients Now, and she had a chapter on group coaching. The idea was that you could scale your impact and your income by going from one-on-one coaching, where you’re only getting paid for the one client you’re talking, to a group coaching model where you could have 5, 10, 50, 100, 1,000 people all paying you a monthly fee, which would usually be less than you’d charge somebody for that one-on-one attention, of course. They’d all pay you a monthly fee and then you could scale your time, your income and your impact. Instead of impacting one person and earning the fee for that, you could have 1,000 people paying you or 100 people paying you and you’re on a call and now you’re impacting 100 people. You’re impacting more people and your income is scalable now you’re earning money from 100 people.


I think back then I was charging $500 a month to coach somebody one-on-one and then I launched this group coaching program at $97 a month per person. We started out with five people, so that basically meant I was earning the same $500 for the two calls that I was doing for the group. Within two months I grew it to 70 members. You do the math, $100 a month X 70 members. Now those same two calls a month that in the past would have earned me $500 a month for one-on-one coaching, now with 70 members or clients at $100 a month, it was $7,000 a month.


Get this. Not rocket science. I made a decision— it’s the same decision that I’m inviting you and encouraging you to make right now— to choose one area of my life that I felt needed attention. I needed to make a change, a transformation, an upgrade in that area. For me back then, it was my income. I don’t remember how much it grew in one month, but in two months I added $7,000 a month to my income by simply focusing on that one area. I focused my miracle morning on that one area. My affirmations were focused on increasing my income. My reading, obviously. I was reading books on increasing my income and managing the money that I made. My silence. I would often use my meditation to get myself in a state of confidence to be able to go out there and execute these new strategies that I was learning to grow my business. Eventually we ended up growing, I grew that… I say we. It was just me. I was a solopreneur. I think at the peak we had 220 members in that program, so $22,000 a month roughly. Again, I was still just doing two calls a month. I wasn’t doing a lot of extra work. On the front end I was to get those clients and implementing what I learned in that Get Clients Now book.


Ultimately, the point of me sharing that story is that it was by me choosing the one area that I wanted to focus on. I know for a lot of us it may be income. For a lot of you, it may be income. Especially with what’s going on right now in the world, in the economy, what’s coming our way, what the pandemic has caused with a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs and people being laid off, that may be the most important focus. If you are an employee, you work in a certain field and you got laid off, maybe your focus is, “All right, this month I’m going to focus all of my energy, I’m going to focus all of my savers, I’m going to focus my miracle morning on getting rehired, getting a new job, a better job and figuring it out.” In Texas, our governor just announced that we have 500,000 jobs right now available, so yeah, move to Texas. No, I’m just kidding.


There are jobs out there. If you were laid off and you’re worried… Obviously, I can’t speak to every industry. Industries are different. The event industry right now is hit pretty hard. They’re having to pivot to try to figure out online events and so on and so forth. The point is what you focus on expands. What one area you choose right now to improve will improve. It really can’t not improve. If you put energy into improving an area of your life and you focus like a laser on that one area every day for 30 days, and you use your miracle morning to focus on your inner world, on developing yourself, the mindset, the beliefs, the confidence that you need that when you go out into your day then you can execute the clarity that you gained during the morning, using the confidence that you generate during the morning to improve any area of your life, you really can’t fail. You can only improve. It doesn’t mean that things are going to go exactly as you want, but they’re definitely going to go in the direction that you want.


I’m not going to go in too much depth on the Miracle Morning Mission 30-day Challenge. You can either read the email that I sent last week, last Thursday, which was April 30th. I sent you an email with all the details. Or I’d encourage you to go into the Miracle Morning Community Facebook group, which is where we’re… We have 253,000 members in there and that’s where people are engaging and posting their progress on their challenges and so on and so forth.


Step number one is you’re going to choose your mission for May, whether it’s to be happier, to be healthier, exercising daily, increasing your income, growing your business, strengthening your relationship with _____ (your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends), improving an area of your life, like your productivity, your discipline, your confidence, your motivation. Maybe you’re in a really good place right now. Maybe your business is good, your income is good, your marriage is good, your health is good, and you were just… Maybe your focus is going to be, “How can I help others? How can I be more selfless? How can I serve? How can I impact other people?” That’s a beautiful place to be at where you can look at your life and go, “Okay, I’m in a good place but there’s a lot of people that aren’t and that really could use some support.” Maybe that’s the area that you choose, or any other single area that feels right for you.


Remember, anything that you want to improve on the outside begins with establishing and developing the mindset on the inside. The beliefs, the confidence, the clarity, all of that. Then you combine the mindset with the behaviors, the actions, the habits, the rituals that will create meaningful improvements. Step number one, choose your mission for May; that one area of your life that you really feel like needs to improve. You want to give it time, energy and attention.


Step number two, make a public commitment. In the Miracle Morning Community, I think as of this morning there were over 900 comments on the post that I put up yesterday saying, “Hey, if you want to be part of the challenge, let us know you’re in. Bonus, let us know what your one area, what your mission is for May.” Again, over 900 people as of this morning in less than 24 hours had already commented that they were in, they were excited. Then today I saw posts as well saying, “Hey, today was day one for me. Here’s what I did. It’s been great.”


Number two is make a public commitment. If you’re not on Facebook… I will say this, a lot of people have told me that they don’t like Facebook but they do have an account just to engage in the Miracle Morning Community. I’m not making that up. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that. I’ve even had people tell me that they set up fake accounts with fake names so their friends can’t find them. They don’t want friends from their high school class coming out and finding them. I don’t know. They’ve said that they’ve actually even set up fake names to engage in the community. I don’t know if I endorse that or if that’s legal, but whatever.


Make a public commitment, and if it’s not in the Facebook community that’s fine. This is a very individual thing. You could do this completely on your own or you could do it with a group of friends or colleagues or coworkers. Once you go find that email— that’s important— you have the instructions. They’re very detailed instructions and examples and thought joggers for you. I sent the email and the subject line of that email was… Let me see if I have it here. I don’t. Oh yeah, it was, “New 30-day challenge starts tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice.” That was the subject line of the email that I sent you last Thursday, April 30th, the subject line. If you want to look for that email, it’s “New 30-day challenge starts tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice.”


I think it’s important that you announce it, you make a public commitment to other people. It’s one of the most effective and yet underutilized strategies to help you follow through, to make your commitment public. It gives you accountability beyond yourself and it also allows you to feel connected to your community, knowing that you’re not alone, that there’s other people doing this. I encourage you… We’ll get to step four in a second, but when you’re sharing… We’ll get to that in a second. Let me not get ahead of myself.


Step number three, clarify and affirm your mission. This is where I’m not going to go through the details on this, but I gave you three steps in that email to write out a very logical, practical, results-oriented affirmation. You clarify and then affirm your mission every single day. Then I also gave you my detailed affirmations that I wrote for my mission for May during this 30-day challenge.


Finally, step four is post your progress. Post your progress online, social media. Post your commitment in the beginning. Post your progress along the way, how are you doing? This was my encouragement in when you post your progress: if you have a bad day, if you sleep through the alarm clock and your mission was to wake up earlier, or if your mission was to run and you just didn’t feel motivated and you didn’t do it, here’s what I encourage you to do, and I think this is a valuable lesson for all of us. Be vulnerable, be open about your mistakes. When you post your progress, yeah, share your wins. Like, “I did it today. It’s awesome. I’m awesome. I ran. I did this, I did that.” Also, if you mess up, don’t hide. Part of the reason that you publicly commit is so there’s accountability and that you face the music when you don’t follow through or if you have a setback. Be open about that.


What that does, two things. Number one, here’s a lesson: never let one bad day turn into two. When we hide, when we’re not public about our missteps, our mistakes, when we’re not public about it, we’re not open about it, we’re not vulnerable about it, then we hide. It allows us to hide. When we hide, we usually feel some level of shame or guilt. Then one bad day turns into two, turns into three, turns into, “Man, I remember a few months ago when I wanted to improve that area but I never did it. I didn’t follow through. I fell off one day and I never picked it back up.” One of my personal rules is never let one bad day turn into two. Momentum is a real thing. A bad day creates a momentum in the wrong direction, and it’s really easy to fall off. In order to not do that, I would encourage you to recommit.


Post your progress on social media. Again, whether it’s in the Miracle Morning Community or you do it in your own way. It could be texting an accountability partner, a friend, a colleague, a spouse, whatever. You can do this in your own way. I’m trying to create a safe environment in the Miracle Morning Community where people can come and we’re all likeminded and we’re not judging each other and we’re supporting each other. I’m trying to create that but at the same time not require that. You can do this completely on your own with no one else. If you don’t want to make a public commitment because you know that your self-accountability and follow-through are bulletproof, kudos to you. Mine aren’t even necessarily bulletproof. I always leverage accountability in any way that I can but, again, this is whatever works for you.


When you post your progress though, I encourage you, when I say never let one bad day turn into two, say, “Hey. This morning I had a setback. I didn’t follow through with my commitment that I had committed to do for this mission for May. However, I’m giving you my word and I’m giving myself my word that tomorrow I will absolutely follow through. There is no other option. Here’s what I’m doing to make sure that I follow through. I set two alarms for tomorrow,” or whatever. When you’re posting your progress, don’t just post your wins and successes and don’t hide when you have a bad day or when you don’t follow through. Recommit, be open, be vulnerable, share your progress, the good, the bad, the ugly, everything in between. That gives other people permission that it’s okay to make a mistake or to have a bad day. Then what do you do when that happens? You recommit so that one bad day never turns into two.


I think that’s it. If you want to improve any area of your life that you may currently be struggling with or simply want to make improvements in an area, I invite you to join this Miracle Morning Mission for May 30-day Challenge. Again, the timing is arbitrary. You can do a 23-day challenge or you can do a 30-day challenge from… if you start today it’s May 6th to June 6th. Or if you’re listening to this and the year is 2027 and it’s October 4th, whatever, it doesn’t matter when you start. What matters is that you start. That perfectionist mindset where you’re like, “I need to start on the first of the month,” that’s just an illusion. It’s just an illusion. The calendar’s an illusion. Who made up that today’s May 1st? I don’t know. Some human beings a long time ago that made up the calendar. I could probably Google and find out who those people were. It’s all perception and it’s all an illusion. What matters is that you start today and that you don’t wait.


Then if you’re feeling energized by today’s podcast, if the idea of “You know what, I’ve definitely got an area of my life that I want to improve, probably more than one,” the one that stands out the most for you, commit to it. Commit to it. Follow these four steps. Again, go back to the email that was titled “New 30-day challenge starts tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice.” That will give you detailed instructions on the challenge. I just went over different parts of it today but for you to have the step-by-step instructions, they are in that email. They’re also in the Miracle Morning Community Facebook group pinned to the top right now and in the announcements in case they’re not pinned anymore.


Yeah, I think that’s it. I’ll be doing this with you. Again, this started out as me personally deciding that I want to focus on being the happiest and the most grateful that I’ve ever been because that’s an area of my life where things have fallen off a bit in the last year. I’m being open and vulnerable to admit that. It’s getting easier to admit because I’ve admitted it, I’ve already talked about it. Still, every time I say that there’s a little part of me that’s like, “I feel kind of embarrassed to admit that I’m struggling in that area,” because that’s always been the area that I’ve never struggled. For the most part, that’s been my superpower is just seeing the good in everything and feeling happy and being so grateful. To struggle, that’s hard, but I’m committed.


By the way, I was on my run this morning and just using affirmations, just feeling grateful and looking at nature. What’s crazy is, again, change takes time but it doesn’t take that long. It’s more the degree of your commitment to making that change and feeling present to the power that you have that you can make that change. As soon as I shifted my mindset from the habitual thinking that I had gone down this rabbit hole of focusing on the negative, which was so counter to the old me, if you will, I realized that and I go, “I’ve just got to focus again on the positive. There’s so much to be grateful for.”


Our language, by the way, how you talk to yourself, that inner dialogue, that’s what chips away either side of the coin of it. It chips away at your positive mindset, your confidence. You can chip it away by focusing on the negative, focusing on the things that are counter to you feeling the way that you want to feel. Or you can chip away at the negative by focusing on the positive. Whatever it is for you. I’m on a little bit of a tangent here. Let’s try to wrap this thing up.


All right. That’s it. Miracle Morning Mission for May 30-day Challenge. It starts today for you, if you haven’t already started. If you have, great. If you haven’t, go back and read that email from me about the new 30-day challenge. It starts tomorrow. Let’s make May the best month of our lives. Let’s make May the best month of our lives because there’s no good reason not to.


I know that’s a big promise to make. For many of us that are struggling, you might go, “May is not the best month of my life. I’m losing my house this month,” or “I’m this or that.” Well, let’s make May… When I say make it the best month of our lives, let’s be the best we’ve ever been. Let’s be the best we’ve ever been even in the midst of what may not be the best circumstances. For some of us, they might be the worst circumstances.


Let me say this and let me say this really, really clearly, and I would love to close it out with this sentiment: even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances in your life, you always have the choice to be the best that you’ve ever been. I’ll say that again. Even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances of your life, you always have the choice to be the best that you’ve ever been. That is the context that I’m referring to when I say let’s make this the best month of our lives. I just mean let’s be the best that we’ve ever been. By the way, when you are enduring challenging and difficult circumstances, that’s when life needs you. That’s when you need you. That’s when your family needs you to be the best that you’ve ever been. When the circumstances are the worst, it’s time for you to be your best.


Goal achievers, I love you. I appreciate you. I’m excited to do this Miracle Morning Mission for May 30-day Challenge with you. I’ll see you in the Facebook group. I’ll see you next week. I love you. Talk to you soon.




"Changing any aspect of our being begins on the inside. It's changing our mindset before we change our behaviors, which then changes our results."

Hal Elrod

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