Episode 315: The Uncommon Conversations We Need to be Having

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"Any contemplated practice in this moment right now kind of rises to the top of what I think is important for people to develop."

Jon Berghoff

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Most of us are faced with concerns that we weren’t thinking about two weeks ago, experiencing major shifts in our lifestyles and our businesses, and facing new challenges as parents, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

On today’s podcast, Jon Berghoff joins me to discuss the conversations we should be having to find meaning and purpose, how to stop being paralyzed by uncertainty and accelerate your own learning, and how to step up as a leader and model great behavior for others – no matter what you do.

Jon is the founder of Xchange – a method that you can use to solve whatever challenges you’re currently facing. Over the past few weeks, he has been working on the front lines – not of medicine, but of group communication and collaboration – to help people make sense of their sudden and unexpected challenges, and to come up with solutions.

For the first time ever, today’s episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast was recorded with a live audience, so that we could demonstrate for you in real time how to engage in the types of uncommon conversations that will enable you to solve the unexpected challenges you’re facing and create new opportunities.


  • Why right now is a time for hope and concern.
  • What you can do to get from surviving to thriving in this moment – and the internal mindset shift that matters the most right now.
  • The most valuable skillset that was born overnight.
  • The ONE question that everyone (especially entrepreneurs) should be asking themselves.
  • What specific type of leader is needed right now, and why EVERY one of us is a leader.
  • How Jon is using technology to take his work online – and why his methodology is proving so effective.
  • The three states of mind that a crisis throws you into – and what to do about them.


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"The intelligence of the heart is hundreds, arguably thousands of times stronger than the intelligence of the mind."

Jon Berghoff

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