Episode 309: Make Your Journaling Cosmic with Yanik Silver

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"I think joy is kind of like our GPS. It's always moving us forward."

Yanik Silver

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Has Scribing (aka “Journaling”) transformed your life as it has mine? Needless to say, Scribing is a key part of the Miracle Morning S.A.V.E.R.S. and an incredible way to achieve breakthrough insights, solidify your commitments, experience more gratitude, and generate clarity and motivation on a daily basis.

Yanik Silver is living proof of this. As someone I’ve admired for over a decade, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his latest creation: The Cosmic Journal, in which he presents a hand-written, self-illustrated space for you to clarify your purpose, determine your destiny, tap into the invisible forces of the universe (stick with me), and galactic instruction manual to help you re-remember your highest self.

Yanik is also the CEO of Maverick1000, a network of top entrepreneurs that assembles for breakthrough retreats, opportunities, and experience that to date has raised over $3 million for people in need by working with icons like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Sara Blakely, Chris Blackwell, John Paul DeJoria, and Tim Ferriss.

Today, Yanik joins the podcast to share the story of the “cosmic alarm clock” moment that set him off on his cosmic journey, the process that led him to write the new book, and the breakthroughs we can achieve when we make journaling part of our daily routine.


  • How we’re collectively experiencing a “dark night of the soul” as a species – and why Yanik sees this as a hugely exciting time to be alive.
  • Why there’s no map when it comes to reinvention – and why this is a good thing.
  • Why Yanik decided he needed to exit the world of internet marketing, where he had been a celebrity, to embark on his own cosmic journey – and the early failures he experienced as he made this transition.
  • How Yanik created the Cosmic Journaland worked with a major publisher and editor to bring its powerful message to a much wider audience.


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"You don't need to see the full path, just the next step."

Yanik Silver

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