Episode 300: How to Get an Accountability Partner with Akshay Nanavati [Part 1]

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"There's always a challenge. If there's no challenge, you're missing. You have to have a challenge. That's how you grow."

Akshay Nanavati

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Achieving anything worthwhile is difficult, especially when you decide to do it alone. Human beings are tribal creatures, and most of us can benefit from some form of structure and community to turn our biggest dreams into reality.

In today’s special episode (Part 1 of 2), my Chief Miracle Worker and guest-host, Chip Franks, is talking with our friend, Akshay Nanavati, about the game-changing power of having an “accountability buddy” — someone who challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone, provides you with the extra support you need, and helps you to grow and improve in order to achieve your goals.

Akshay is the author of FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How To Turn Fear into Health, Wealth, and Happiness, where he explores how to transform potentially negative feelings into incredible strengths, and has been recommended by Seth Godin, Cal Newport, and even His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Today, Chip and Akshay talk about the benefits of having an accountability buddy, why you need one as a high achiever / entrepreneur, and who that person should and shouldn’t be. You’ll also learn what it takes to initiate and build this type of relationship.


  • How an accountability partner provides love – including tough love – to light a fire under you, support you, and kick your ass when you need it.
  • Why accountability relationships often fall apart or fail – and why clear structures and frameworks help you succeed.
  • Why your accountability partner doesn’t need to believe in the same things as you – but does need to be just as ambitious.


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"My word is my bond to you and to myself. If we can't honor that, we're never going to get anything done. If I’m not going to support you, I'm not going to support my own goals."

Akshay Nanavati

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