Episode 299: How We Can Transform Our Next Generation with Honorée Corder

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When I first published The Miracle Morning back in 2012, I was thinking small. I was committed to sharing the daily practice that changed my life, but I was only thinking I’d sell a few thousand copies. But then I started seeing a flood of emails and reviews from people about how the Miracle Morning had enabled them to make profound transformations in their lives, as well, so I committed to a bigger mission of changing millions of lives, one morning at a time.

Then, I met Honorée Corder. She was a bestselling author and strategic book coach whom had published dozens of her own personal development books. After getting to know her, I asked her if she’d partner with me to co-create the Miracle Morning book series. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our next book in the series was just released on Monday. It is The Miracle Morning for Teachers, and I believe it’s one of the most important we’ve ever written, as it is already improving the lives of teachers and students around the world. This book is truly designed to elevate the consciousness of both TEACHERS and STUDENTS in order to make the greatest possible impact for our current and future generations.

Today, Honorée joins me on the podcast to talk about how we worked with dozens of teachers to create a version of SAVERS that works in the classroom, the ABCs of being a legendary teacher, and how you can help to elevate the consciousness of humanity – one teacher, and one student at a time.


  • How empowering the next generation gives you the power to reach and change the lives of more people than ever before.
  • How to reach demographics that will never read a book about personal development.
  • The outside the box teaching and research that went into the new book, and how teachers in the Miracle Morning community helped each other develop a powerful practice for children.
  • Why the new book features two 30-day challenges – one for teachers, and one for students – and how we’re creating a grassroots effort to transform classrooms of all sizes all over the world.


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