Episode 298: How to Tap Into Your Happiness with Active Appreciation with Chip Franks

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"People’s happiness is determined by how much gratitude they have."

Hal Elrod

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As the name implies, the Thanksgiving holiday is generally a time to give thanks for everything that we’re grateful for – but is there more to it than that? Can there be more to your practice of gratitude than simply stating what you’re thankful for while you’re gathered around the dinner table this Thursday?

In fact, there’s a huge difference between passive gratitude and active appreciation. People who practice active appreciation don’t just experience greater happiness in life – they have the power to change their brains for the better.

Today, “Chief Miracle Worker” Chip Franks returns as our guest host to take you through the framework, exercises, and powerful quotes from thought leaders across history that inform his thinking. You’ll learn how Chip cultivates gratitude, active appreciation, and different techniques you can immediately apply to your own daily practice.


  • How James Altucher’s Daily Practice in combination with the Miracle Morning helped Chip bring momentum back into his life – and how adding a gratitude practice to your day is an ongoing process.
  • The different levels of gratitude you and other people can give and get from the world.
  • Why “gratitude 3.0” has the power to change lives.
  • Chip’s checklist of Joy Practices that you can use to appreciate the people, opportunities, and things that are making your life feel good.


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"Gratitude is to appreciation as walking is to running."

Jess Elder

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