Episode 293: Talking “Entrepreneurship” with the Business Growth Guru, Cameron Herold

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"Growing employees is the same as growing our kids. Our job in companies is to raise these happy, independent, strong employees who can do it on their own."

Cameron Herold

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If you’re reading this, there’s an 80+% chance that you’re an entrepreneur or someone who’s considering launching a business. However, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur, today’s conversation with Cameron Herold is a must-listen.

In addition to being my co-author for The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, as well as the author of Double DoubleMeetings Suck, and Free PR, Cameron is known around the world as the “business growth guru.” He has helped hundreds of companies achieve exponential growth and is one of those rare individuals who knows how to present his extensive knowledge and experience in a clear and effective way.

Today, Cameron joins the podcast to discuss his journey into entrepreneurship, why running a business is much more about who to do things with than how to do things, and why he can almost always identify an entrepreneur in a crowd – even if he’s never met them before.


  • How running a business is like building a family – and why this comparison makes it clear that things like quarterly reviews don’t work.
  • Why people should be more entrepreneurial, but not everyone needs to quit their job and immediately become an entrepreneur.
  • The common traits that bind entrepreneurs together (and why some of them are treated as challenges or setbacks by society) – and what Cameron does to work through his own issues with focus.
  • Why organizations like Cutco produce extraordinary salespeople – even when they have no sales experience of their own.


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"If you know you're different, if you know you think different, think of those as your superpowers. If that gives you confidence, then you might have what it takes to go be an entrepreneur."

Cameron Herold

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