Episode 291: Understanding How Intimacy Impacts ALL Areas of Your Life with Allana Pratt

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"Our ability to receive money is in proportion to our ability to receive rejection."

Allana Pratt

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When most people think of “intimacy” it’s usually related to physical affection, sex, or romance. However, intimacy impacts a lot more than that—it’s also crucial to effective parenting, entrepreneurship, and our relationships with ourselves.

Few understand this better than intimacy expert Allana Pratt. She has served as a Guest Expert on The Jenny McCarthy ShowThe Huffington PostPeopleForbesCBSTLC and FOX. She’s also the author of (4) books, the host of the Intimate Conversations podcast, and a go-to authority with over 4 million viewers on YouTube, where she helps her followers create healthy, thriving relationships with themselves first in order to naturally attract their ideal match.

Jon Berghoff and I met Allana at a couples’ retreat, where she led several powerful experiences. I saw her enable people (including me and my wife) to quickly increase our self-awareness and discover deep and important things about ourselves, which is exactly what the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] live experience is all about where Allana will be one of our speakers this year.

Today, Allana talks with Jon Berghoff about the exercises she’ll be leading at our BYEB event in San Diego this December. You’ll learn how to rediscover (and accept) your authentic self, see your blind spots, and make huge strides on your journey to becoming a compassionate badass.


  • Why a lack of authenticity repels money, clients, and deep love – and how to open yourself to receive it all, both good and bad.
  • How to love your rejected self, stop worrying about getting it all perfect, and be your authentic self.
  • An exercise to start on a path of inner work to put your love life, professional life, and personal development on the equivalent of steroids – and why it’s so important to not run away from unpleasant emotions.
  • Why Allana doesn’t trust people who haven’t faced serious failures, challenges, and setbacks – and the humility and grandeur she sees in these experiences.


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"If you're not home on the inside, you're going to be scrambling and hustling and trying to make it happen on the outside, which just pushes everything away whether that's professionally or personally or romantically."

Allana Pratt

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