Episode 290: How To Live in Alignment with Your Values with Jeremy “Brotha James” Reisig

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"We tend to want to form pretty concrete opinions and those opinions then cause us to be defensive because we want to hold on to them. And when we're defensive, we fall out of curiosity, and this is a trap."

Brotha James

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Jeremy “Brotha James” Reisig isn’t just one of my favorite people. He is a world-class musician unlike any other, making music to help elevate your consciousness, enhance your mindset, and improve your life. There are very few “conscious” musicians, and Brotha James was the first I’d ever heard.

Jeremy is also a world-class facilitator. He’s the Chief Energy Officer of Fambundance, where he works to elevate the consciousness of the world by elevating the consciousness of the family. He focuses on helping kids aged 8-18 with personal transformation, emotional management, aligning values, and more.

I’ve had Jeremy as our musician in residence at every Best Year Ever [Blueprint] LIVE event I’ve ever held, and we’ve even performed the Miracle Morning Song together onstage. However, this year, Jeremy will be leading a parallel event alongside ours for your children, and we couldn’t be more excited for your whole family to attend.

Today, Jeremy joins the podcast to talk about the importance of staying curious, how to build a business in alignment with your values and the life you want to live, and what we’ll be doing together at this year’s event.


  • Why what matters most to Jeremy is always changing – but why health and family are almost always top priorities.
  • Why our stances on many issues change over time – and how the opinions we refuse to let go of often hurt us.
  • How to stop letting judgement control your life – and why progress matters more than perfection.
  • Two questions to help you live in alignment with your values – and how to start making changes to achieve this.


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"The more curious we can become and the more we can put our opinions away, the more information that we can take in."

Brotha James

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