Episode 287: How to Reprogram Your Brain for Success with Dr. Shannon Irvine

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"Your brain does not know the difference between what is actually happening around you right now and what you vividly imagine over and over and over again."

Dr Shannon Irvine

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Dr. Shannon Irvine has a Ph.D in neuropsychology, is an entrepreneur, high achievement mentor, host of The Epic Success Podcast, and a philanthropist.

In today’s episode, she teaches us how to neuro-hack our success and build epic lives and businesses we love – by harnessing our brain power to hardwire productivity, goal attainment, and mindset mastery.

I’m a huge believer in (re)conditioning our brains and using simple, proven methods to instill the beliefs and emotions that will best serve us. Shannon brings a scientific approach to how we can instill these beliefs and emotions.

Today, you can listen to my fascinating conversation between Shannon and I about how to take your brain off of autopilot, stop listening to the stories you’ve been told about your capabilities, and chip away at your limitations to transform your life and business.


  • Why we aren’t wired to transcend consciousness or succeed in business – and how to change your subconscious and let go of what’s holding you back.
  • How keeping up her marriage, raising children, and running a business simultaneously led her to struggle – and the breakthrough in mindset that lit a fire under her.
  • What Shannon did to neuro-hack her life and the results this quickly started to get for her.
  • Why your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined
  • Shannon’s process for powering through negative thinking.


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"You are the creator of your thoughts and it’s your thoughts that can create the future that you want. It really is in your control."

Dr Shannon Irvine

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