Episode 269: Discover What Type of Business You Should Start with Ryan Levesque

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"When you start a business, it’s like tossing your boat in a river. If you put your boat in the river facing the wrong direction or you put your boat in a river that doesn’t have any water in it, you’re never going to get to your destination no matter how hard you row, no matter how awesome your equipment is, no matter how much planning you put in place. That one critical thing makes all the difference in the world."

Ryan Levesque

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Ryan Levesque is leading a revolution. For the last ten years, he’s run a $10 million per year business helping people find winning business ideas and launch companies of their own. His book, ASK, was called a must-read by both Inc. and Entrepreneur.

On today’s episode and in his new book, Choose: The Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your Business, he teaches you how to create a foundation to build a successful business, find a business model that plays to your unique strengths, and discover the sweet spot where your business can thrive.

Launching my own business was the greatest decision I ever made. I’m able to do meaningful work that positively impacts people, have no ceiling on my income, and have many freedoms that come with being an entrepreneur. After this podcast, if you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, you may be ready to take the plunge. And if you’ve never even thought about starting your own business before, today’s episode may change your mind.

Today, Ryan joins the podcast to explain why most of the conventional wisdom surrounding business is wrong, how he went from wantrepreneur to $10 million a year running his own business, how to intelligently choose your market, and the steps you can take to find – and launch – a powerful, transformative business of your own.


  • Why Ryan quit a very high-paying job in finance in 2008 to teach people how to make jewelry using Scrabble tiles and origami paper – and what he and his wife did when their business suddenly dropped off a cliff.
  • The reasons education and expertise – selling ideas – are the best services you can offer as an entrepreneur.
  • What Ryan did when aspiring entrepreneurs told him that the methods and strategies in ASK didn’t work for them – and how it led him to discover the biggest flaw that set businesses up to fail.
  • The four types of people who want to start their own business – and what to watch out for in each one.
  • Why your first business doesn’t need to be your forever business.


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"You don't have to get it perfect. You just have to get it going. But the best time to get it going is right here, right now, today."

Ryan Levesque

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