Episode 268: The Inherent Human Conflict: Moving from Limited to Limitless

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It’s been a crazy week since the launch of The Miracle Equation – my first traditionally published book. I’m beyond grateful, humbled, and excited by the outpouring of support I’ve received from all of you, and if you’ve gotten a copy of the book already, I want to thank you.

I believe that this book will radically transform your life, and I am living the Miracle Equation right now as I work to share this message with as many people as I possibly can.

For today’s podcast, I read one of my favorite chapters in the book—Chapter 3: The Inherent Human Conflict: Moving from Limited to Limitless. (If you’re human, this applies to you.) :^D

I guess you could say this is kind of like me giving you a preview of the audiobook (the first of my books that I actually read the audiobook myself). However, unlike the audiobook (which I read word-for-word), in today’s podcast I go WAY off script quite a few times. (That includes kissing my wife in the middle of the episode!)

We all face this internal conflict – and we all have to overcome it. This is an unfiltered, unedited look at how we can conquer our limitations and stop living on autopilot, and even if you’ve already started reading (or listening) to the book, you’ll likely discover something new in this episode.


  • Why so many of us forget that we are capable of limitless achievement – and the sneaky, harsh obstacles that set us up for self-sabotage.
  • How to stop waging war with yourself, overcome inner conflicts, and live a life of greatness.
  • The four (4) internal conflicts we must overcome to tap our limitless potential and navigate our way to what you really want.
  • What happened when I failed to meet my initial sales goal with The Miracle Morning, how I applied the Miracle Equation to sell over a million copies of my first book in six years, and how extraordinary effort and unwavering faith helped me sell an additional 700,000 copies in the last year alone.
  • How to become a miracle maven by making unwavering faith your default mindset and simplify extraordinary effort through consistency.
  • Why “pretty good” gives us permission to be lazy and almost never helps us achieve Level 10 success, and how “being too busy” stops us from taking on high-priority activities that can move the needle and transform our lives.
  • How society conditions us to live a mediocre life, be docile, and fit in, why this behavior is learned, and how to choose to be someone else.


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