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Episode 267: My First Deep Dive into the Miracle Equation

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Last week’s podcast episode was on How to Become a Millionaire Using the Miracle Equation which is a (30-minute) interview that I recorded on the Eventual Millionaire podcast with Jaime Masters.

I shared that with you because I felt it was the most concise explanation/training of The Miracle Equation that I had ever given. This week, we’re taking a similar (but more in-depth) path.

Today’s episode is also a recent interview that someone else did with me, only this time instead of being “concise” it’s actually the most “in depth” explanation/training I’ve ever given on the Miracle Equation, and I did so in this (60-minute) conversation with Mike Dillard on the Mike Dillard Podcast.

In this episode, we dive deep and offer new insights into how the Miracle Equation came into existence six years before I created the Miracle Morning, why miracles aren’t about praying, waiting, or hoping, the REAL purpose of goals and how to commit to achieving goals (regardless of your outcomes), and the incredible life changes that happen when you make your mission inevitable.


  • What the REAL purpose of goals are.
  • Why anyone who has achieved extraordinary results is doing something they’ve never done before – and how this builds the foundation of unwavering faith.
  • Why extraordinary effort is about consistency  – not 80-hour work weeks.
  • How the people I call Miracle Mavens—the very best at what they do—made a conscious or unconscious decision to live by the Miracle Equation.
  • How to apply the Miracle Equation to more than one goal at a time – and how it gave me the power to have my breakthrough year.


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