Episode 266: How To Use The Miracle Equation To Become a Millionaire

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Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Eventual Millionaire podcast and it was like some kind of out-of-body experience.

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so inspired after an interview!

As soon as we finished recording, I told Jaime that I felt it was one of the most beneficial interviews I’ve ever done (in terms of the benefits for the listener, aka “YOU!”) and asked her if she’d be okay with me sharing it with you, and she said “Of course!” :^)

So, I’m VERY excited for you to listen to this episode! Jaime and I dig deeper into the Miracle Equation, talk about how to set your mission, and share more stories from my own life about the transformative results – financial and otherwise – that it helped me achieve.


  • My can’t fail strategy for gradually becoming a millionaire – and how to see the perfection in the journey.
  • Why being a personal development junkie deludes us into thinking we’re making progress when that’s not actually the case – and how to translate the knowledge we acquire into action that changes our lives.
  • How to make the two decisions behind the Miracle Equation – and why they’re so rare in practice.
  • Why doing something for an hour a day, consistently, will do more to move you in the direction of your hopes and dreams than anything else.
  • One action you can take right now to get yourself closer to a million


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