Episode 263: Taking the Mystery Out of Miracles

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"As human beings, we all share an innate desire to live to our full potential, to constantly grow, improve, and become better as we move forward for ourselves, the people that we love, and the people that we lead."

Hal Elrod

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“Miracle” is a loaded word. It has many meanings for many different people, ranging from a spiritual/religious connotation and is often attributed to a random or passive act. But what exactly is a miracle? Why should you care? And most importantly – how can you create tangible, measurable miracles in your own life?

In today’s episode, based on my new book, The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable, I will take the mystery out of miracles and show you how a combination of Unwavering Faith and Extraordinary Effort will give you the power to overcome even your most difficult challenges and create a Level 10 in any area of your life.

I want ALL of us to move from being in awe of the world’s most successful people – to joining them. I want you to help ALL of us stop living from a place of stress and fear, and to override our inborn human nature, stop settling for less than we want, and better ourselves and our lives – starting now.

In today’s podcast, I dig deeper into the mindset behind the Miracle Equation – and share more stories of making extraordinary effort feel ordinary.


  • What a tangible, measurable miracle is – and how to bring them into your life.
  • Why “possible” is rarely enough to give you the drive to tackle your biggest goals and dreams – and how that mindset stops many people before they ever get out the gate.
  • A powerful example of how the Miracle Equation allows people to overcome challenges and adversity in their personal and professional lives.
  • How to get over being a “personal development junkie” – and create a meaningful, measurable process for goal achievement.


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"Human nature is to put forth ordinary effort which gets us ordinary results. So, how do you make extraordinary effort part of your way of living, so that it feels ordinary — so that it’s your default operating mode”

Hal Elrod

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