Episode 260: How to Build and Monetize Your Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

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Do you aspire to have both the “time” freedom and “financial” freedom that are available through entrepreneurship?

Today’s guest, CEO, entrepreneur and bestselling author, Chris Ducker, has built multiple successful companies and brands all over the world. After suffering a horrific burnout at the end of 2009, he set a goal to become a virtual CEO – and achieved it by November of 2010.

Now, nine years later, Chris has freedom in his business. He works an average of six hours a day, four days a week, helping others build virtual businesses like his.

At the core of his success is this fact: Chris has created his own personal brand, which he has applied to everything else he has ever aspired to create. As the founder of Youpreneur and the author of The Rise of the Youpreneur, he helps people shift their mindsets, cultivate great reputations, and truly serve the people who need them.

Today, you’re going to hear Chris’s speech that he gave at this past December’s Best Year Ever Blueprint LIVE Experience. He digs into his 3-step process to help entrepreneurs develop their personal brand, the power of having your own online community, and shares stories – from his own life and others – that show you why what he does works so well.


  • Why people want to do business with people – not logos – and why personal relationships and reputation matter so much.
  • The reason the 16-18 hour workday is BS – and how to build a business built around us, but not reliant on us.
  • How to put a permanent end to imposter syndrome by defining who you truly are.
  • The many opportunities you have to create revenue streams based on your unique personal brand – and the inner workings on Chris’s multi-million dollar business.
  • The most important quote I’ve ever heard as a business owner.


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