Episode 258: The Miracle Morning for Couples with Brandy & Lance Salazar

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"Legendary is living life on our terms and living life in the best way that we possibly can.”

Brandy Salazar

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10 years ago, Brandy and Lance Salazar found themselves on the verge of divorce. However, instead of calling it quits, they gave things one last try and it made all the difference. They learned how to design and create a legendary marriage and today, they’re one of the happiest, most fulfilled, and emotionally intelligent couples that my wife and I know.

Now they’re on a mission to help couples reconnect and stay deeply in love while raising children, which they do through Legendary Couples With Kids. Not only that, but they also co-authored the newest book in The Miracle Morning series, The Miracle Morning for Couples: Create Legendary Connection, One Morning at a Time, which is officially out today! In it, they help answer a simple question for Miracle Morning practitioners: “How do I get my spouse to do this?

Today, Lance and Brandy join the podcast to talk about why maintaining your marriage is such a unique challenge while working and raising kids.


  • Why relationships like the one Brandy and Lance used to be in (before their mission) are so common – and why their commitment to being legendary from then on was so important.
  • The coaches and events that helped Brandy and Lance become fired up and excited to make transformative change.
  • How Brandy and Lance set the foundation for their legendary relationship and escaped old traps, patterns, and setbacks.
  • Why traditional marriage counseling often doesn’t “work.”
  • The four elements that make up a legendary relationship – and how they empower couples to be their very best.


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