Episode 256: How to Love Yourself, Others, and Your Life… Unconditionally

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"The more you take care of yourself and do things that are good for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical faculties and capacities, the better you feel about yourself and the easier it is to love yourself.”

Hal Elrod

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to talk about love, but not about romantic love. I want to talk about unconditional love—how it affects our happiness, quality of life, and relationships—and how we can amplify it to improve all three.

So many people are too hard on themselves, unhappy, quick to condemn and resent others, and upset about their lives – and I want to help change that.

In today’s episode, I show you how to wake up feeling good, to love yourself and your life, to stop living with judgment and resentments, and to embrace the freedom and power of unconditional love in three big ways.


  • The two lenses I use to view every interaction I have.
  • My guidelines for self-love – and why it’s not weird at all to tell you that you love yourself.
  • Why focusing on your failures sets you up to live in a negative reality.
  • The single perspective that allowed me to stop condemning all people.
  • How to give yourself the gift of freedom from negative emotions.
  • Why there’s an infinite amount of positives and negatives to focus on – and which one you focus on determines the quality of your life.


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"If I had lived another person's life, there's a very good chance I’d be exactly the same as that person.”

Hal Elrod

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