Episode 255: How to Make Meaningful Changes In Your Life with Lucia Giovannini

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"Stop being driven by pleasure and instead, go towards yourself upon actualization or towards happiness.”

Lucia Giovannini

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Lucia Giovannini is a world-renowned sensation. She’s a former international supermodel turned transformational speaker and the author of 13 books. She creates a unique synergy of traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices, and ancient Eastern rituals to create profound experiences for her readers, those who see her at live events, and anyone who follows her.

Her newest book, A Whole New Life: Discover the Power of Positive Transformation, has been translated into eight languages and debuts in the United States this March.

I met Lucia at an event we both spoke at in Milan and we instantly connected. Today, she joins the podcast to talk about making meaningful change, the difference between seeking pleasure and finding happiness, and why she’s often introduced as “the Italian Louise Hay.”


  • The ups and downs of affirmations as we know them – and how to correctly use affirmations to see things in a new way.
  • Lucia’s processes for making and coping with change – and the importance of taking baby steps to achieve your biggest projects.
  • Why so many people, when faced with adversity, ask, “Why me?” – and how Lucia turns these challenges into opportunities for growth.
  • How to find your higher intention, connect to the deepest good, and link these to your daily activities to stay motivated.
  • The reason Lucia wakes up 4 AM – and what makes up her morning routine.


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"I think the problem in our society is that we tend to confuse pleasure with happiness and by happiness, I don't just mean enthusiasm, I mean your full true realization.”

Lucia Giovannini

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