Episode 253: Manufacturing Your Own Breakthroughs In 2019

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"Realize that you are in control of your life, starting with your mind. And what you think about and what you focus on, that's what creates your internal and emotional quality of life."

Hal Elrod

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Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating my Miracle Evening routine and experimenting with a few different methods. While the Miracle Morning has been all about putting yourself in peak mental, emotional, and spiritual state – first thing in the morning, I’ve found that the evening has been an amazing time to look at my life from a perspective of celebration and reflection. Doing this has had profound impacts on my life, helped me work through several major challenges I’ve faced recently, and led to more breakthroughs than I can count.

In today’s episode, I take you through my exact process for manufacturing breakthroughs – where I do it, the tools I use, and how it helps me retrain my brain and work through specific issues, such as a newfound anxiety that has greatly affected me over the last few months.


  • Why we need to be brutally – or lovingly – honest with ourselves in order to have serious breakthroughs in our personal and professional lives.
  • The reason it’s easy to understand something intellectually, but it’s so hard to take action and change our behavior until we truly FEEL it emotionally.
  • How I keep track of affirmations and breakthroughs.
  • Why affirmations create a blueprint for your brain.
  • A specific activity you can do to create a New You.


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