Episode 250: Scribing 2.0: The Bullet Journal Method with Ryder Carroll

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Would you benefit from figuring out how to organize your thoughts while increasing your productivity? Our guest today, Ryder Carroll, famously created a worldwide movement and method known as “Bullet Journaling” (or what I call “Scribing 2.0”) that accomplishes both of those, simultaneously.

After struggling for years with organizing systems and finding that none worked the way his mind did (after being diagnosed with ADHD), he created Bullet Journaling— a new method to become consistently focused and effective.

He shared his invention with friends who suffered from similar challenges, and it went viral. His brand new, New York Times bestselling book is The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future, and in it, he explores what it means to live an intentional life, one that’s both productive and meaningful.

Ryder has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Bloomberg, LifeHacker, and Mashable. He’s also worked with companies including Adidas, American Express, Cisco, Macy’s, IBM, and HP.


  • Why finishing his first book was Ryder’s biggest achievement – and how he, a self-admitted “non-writer,” did it.
  • The reason failure became so normal for Ryder that he became suspicious of success – and how he learned to reframe failure.
  • What makes scribing so valuable, especially as technology encroaches on every aspect of our lives, to help us address conflict, solve problems, make breakthroughs, and discover insights.
  • How Bullet Journaling teaches to think differently, take control of your life, and accomplish more.
  • Why Ryder believes you need to change yourself before you can change the world – and how he used Bullet Journaling to do exactly that.
  • How Ryder uses analog and digital journaling and the unique advantages to both.


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