Episode 246: The Miracle (Evening?)

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Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your life; it means more to me than you might realize. As many of us will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, know that I am deeply thankful for you and for our community, and I appreciate that you allow me to be a (small) part of your life. I truly don’t take that lightly, as you’ll hear in the beginning of today’s podcast episode. :^)

Speaking of today’s episode, although the Miracle Morning has become a huge part of my life, it’s just been recently that I’ve started thinking about creating an evening routine to help me become a better, happier, and more effective person.

A practice that I started several weeks ago led me to create a (somewhat rough and unrefined) Miracle “Evening” routine – and it has already led me to some powerful insights and personal transformation.

On today’s podcast, I take you through the three steps of this evening routine that’s almost as new for me as it will be for you – and I highly encourage you to give it a try!


  • The importance of manufacturing breakthroughs – and how this practice led me to my new Miracle Evening routine.
  • How to determine what’s stopping you from achieving major goals and how to take major steps forward.
  • The moment I learned that I was bad at celebrating the high points of my day and how to find beauty in everyday moments instead!
  • And much more…


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