Episode 238: Rethinking and Disrupting Your Education with Danny Iny

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"The average college graduate comes out of their experience with just over $30,000 of debt. For all the money they've invested, plus 4-7 years of their life, what are they getting in return?"

Danny Iny

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Gone are the days when education was something that only happened at the start of your career. The name of today’s game, both personally and professionally, is to be constantly learning: just enough, just in time, and never stopping.

In today’s podcast, I have an intriguing conversation with Danny Iny – the CEO of Mirasee – who is on a mission to provide business education that equips professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools to impact their communities and change the world.

I met Danny at a mastermind in Austin and was instantly impressed by his character, integrity, and value-driven approach. He cares deeply about the people he serves.

Today, he joins the podcast to talk about the problems facing our education system and job market – and how you can use this transformational time to both get ahead and empower others.

But… before you listen to the podcast, you can get a free copy of Danny’s new book, Leveraged Learning: How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners, and Experts with Something to Teach. In it, he explores robust, affordable, and viable new models of education for both students and educators alike. (*You can download Danny’s book for free, here.)


  • Why the education and job markets are headed for massive disruption – and why we’re shifting toward a model of continuing education and highly specialized knowledge.
  • How Danny approaches preparing for the future – even though we don’t know what the future holds.
  • The qualities we need to develop to maintain long-term success.
  • Why college may not give prospective students the same return on investment it gave their parents – and Danny’s alternatives that can help you both learn and get a great job.
  • How you can leverage your knowledge and experience to create marketable, transformative courses that get real results for students.


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"Just under 1/2 of university graduates are unemployed or underemployed. For the other half who are gainfully employed, roughly 3/4 of them are working in a field that's different from the field they studied."

Danny Iny

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