Episode 236: Financial Advice from 9-time NY Times bestselling author – David Bach

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David Bach is one of America’s favorite financial experts. He’s been teaching America about money on Oprah, the Today Show, CNBC, Fox, CBS, and just about everywhere else. Tony Robbins has gone so far as to call him “the financial expert you need when you’re intimidated by your finances.”

He’s also a 9-time New York Times bestselling author – having sold over 7 million books. His latest is a newly updated and expanded 20th-anniversary edition of his first book, Smart Women Finish Rich, which has been completely expanded and updated for today’s woman – and today’s world.

Today, David joins the podcast to share his own journey, talk about how to make your financial dreams come true, why being a morning person has been so critical to his success, and much more…


  • David’s “Live Rich” philosophy – why you don’t have to be rich to live rich and why you don’t have to wait to make your dreams come true.
  • Why trying to time the market is always a terrible idea – and the benefits of sitting on your investments, even through market corrections.
  • How talking about his dream at a Tony Robbins seminar helped him make the connections needed to pitch, sell, and publish Smart Women Finish Rich.
  • The good and not-so-good news – as well as unique challenges – that women face when it comes to money.
  • Why women make better investors than men.
  • David’s 10 Golden Rules for finding and working with financial advisors.


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