Episode 232: The Family Board Meeting Strategy – with Jim Sheils

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"The entrepreneurial lie is when we put our family on a sacrificial altar for now, so that we can just blow out our business and they’ll understand. Someday they’ll understand. The problem is someday never comes and they don’t understand."

Jim Sheils

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When world-class organizations like Harvard University, YPO, EO, and others want to help their people succeed at home, they call Jim Sheils. As the founder of 18 Summers, Jim is on a mission to deepen relationships for entrepreneur families. And his book, The Family Board Meeting, has been a game-changer for me and my family.

Jim and his wife have been referred to as “Crazy Glue for families.” His work helps parents connect with their children in fun and experiential ways, revolutionizes life as a family, and helps entrepreneurs balance success at work and at home.

Jim’s views on education are also very much in alignment with my own, and he’s working to change our education system to better prepare children for the more practical affairs of life – and you’ll soon know why his book was recommended to me over and over again.


  • The “big lie” of entrepreneurship and why family – not amassing wealth – comes first for both me and Jim.
  • Why finding personal and professional freedom and connection was the most significant goal Jim achieved – and the powerful rhythms he put into his life to achieve it.
  • Jim’s vision for himself as a 119-year-old – and why he thinks it’s now possible to have a happy, fulfilling life at that age.
  • What you can expect to learn in both the original and updated editions of The Family Board Meeting – and the simple rhythms that keep you grounded, consistent, connected, and successful.


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