Episode 231: Why We Should Stop Judging People (and what you can do instead)

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"If you were them and not you, consider that there is a very good chance that you would behave exactly the same."

Hal Elrod

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Who are the people in your life who rub you the wrong way because of what they say or do? Is there anyone who you hold resentment towards?

Maybe it’s much deeper than just being “rubbed the wrong way”—maybe you’ve been wronged and deeply hurt by someone in your life.

In today’s solo podcast episode (this may be one of the most important episodes I’ve ever recorded), I explore why we judge others, how that’s detrimental for us, and how to never judge another person again—no matter what they say or do—so that you never have to suffer from the negative emotions that judgment creates.

I also share my own experiences with forgiving people who have wronged me, practicing unconditional love, and why I always replace judgment with empathy—even with difficult people and in seemingly impossible situations.


  • What I learned about judging people while playing basketball in my early twenties.
  • How to look beneath the surface and see someone’s soul – and why it’s literally impossible to know if you’d do something different in their situation.
  • Why judgement divides us, leading to hatred, negativity, resentment, war, and worse.
  • Why responding to anger with anger solves nothing.
  • What I learned by attending the sentencing of the drunk driver who hit me – and why I requested he speak at high schools sharing his story instead of spending more years in prison.
  • The ways we all inspire anger in others – and why living in an unconditional love force field helps us let go and be happier people.


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