Episode 230: How to Own Your Niche as an Entrepreneur – with Christopher Lochhead

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Jon Berghoff walked into Christopher Lochhead’s Play Bigger keynote at the One Life Fully Lived conference in Sacramento in 2016. Just a few minutes in, Jon realized that Christopher was expertly teaching how legendary companies (like Facebook) become that way by designing a category.

Over the last few years, Christopher has gotten one question more than almost any other: “How does ‘category design’ apply to me if I’m not going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg?” His answer is Niche Down – a book about how “small” entrepreneurs and people who are seen as unique, different or ground-breaking achieve great success by developing niches of their own.

He joins the podcast to share success stories of entrepreneurs selling crazy socks, sushi burritos, bundt cakes, reggae, surfing, and more – and you’ll almost definitely be surprised by what you learn.


  • Why “hustle, hustle, hustle” and “follow your passion” are some of the worst pieces of advice ever given.
  • The reason category design has nothing to do with personal branding – and why the notion of personal branding is disastrous for business.
  • Why now is the worst time in history for American entrepreneurship and what Christopher is doing to change this.
  • The reasons people who are different – and don’t fit in – are almost always the people who make the biggest differences.
  • How to escape competing in the current paradigm, make the world see things the way you do, and evangelize the problem – not the solution – in order to achieve massive success.
  • How you can stay true to yourself and your vision while also protecting your niche from competitors.


CLICK HERE to learn more about Christopher’s book – Niche Down: How to Become Legendary by Being Different


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