Episode 228: How to Get More Out of Life with Chip Franks

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It wasn’t very long ago that Chip Franks was taken out on a stretcher in the middle of a conference for entrepreneurs after just having a stroke. As his wife cried and his children were alone in their hotel room, one question consumed his mind: “Did I tell them everything I wanted to tell them?

This led to him quitting his job to write a book outlining everything he’d want his kids to know if he wasn’t around. The result? Life Lessons From Dad: 101 Ways To Get More Out of Life From Someone Who Loves You – a 685-page handbook for life.

Chip is an entrepreneur at heart – he started early, selling calendars door to door as a child, and went on to build and sell a real estate and property management company after 20 years as a broker. He’s shared stages with Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Lewis Howes, Daymond John, Simon Sinek, and today, he joins the podcast to share life lessons and his practical instructions for how to realize them.


  • Why Chip Franks’ stroke led him to quit his job, reorient his life, and write his first book.
  • Chip’s many gratitude practices – and the ways they helped him get through the aftermath of his stroke.
  • Why self-love, self-worth, and feeling like you deserve a future is critical to how much you achieve and how many people you reach.
  • The reasons your self-worth can’t be determined by accomplishments – and how you can meaningfully measure it.
  • Why the will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win – and what Chip does each evening in order to make sure he has a great morning.


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