Episode 224: A Conversation About Building Wealth – with Matthew Recore

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"Fear is what prevents things from taking place in people’s lives and for change to happen"

Matthew Recore

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Matt Recore (or “Matty” as I call him) is one of my best friends in the world. We met in 1999, our connection was instant, and we stayed up talking like schoolgirls until three o’clock in the morning. :^D

Since then, we’ve developed an extraordinary friendship. He was a groomsman in my wedding, I became an ordained reverend to perform his and his wife’s marriage ceremony, he was by my side in both hospitals, during my car accident and my cancer journey, and we both happen to be mildly obsessed UFC fans. :^)

Matt was also always financially ahead of everyone else I knew. He became a millionaire and figured out how to build wealth at a young age, and has kept it going—and growing—ever since. Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom to live the life they want, and today Matt joins the podcast to share not just how he did it, but how you can do the same.

He also introduces his new book, How to Purchase Real Estate at 0% Interest: To Help Sellers Get What They Want and To Accumulate Paid Off Houses Faster For Your Retirement, in which he shares stories of how he exploded his net worth.


  • Why seeing me in the hospital, both after my accident and my diagnosis, are among Matt’s favorite memories of our friendship.
  • How Matt started his journey to financial freedom without a traditional education – and the moment he knew he didn’t want to rely on others to guarantee his financial well-being.
  • Why fear stops people from achieving their goals more than anything else – and you have to act despite fear in order to succeed.
  • The 10 reasons Matt chose real estate as his vehicle to build long-term wealth – and where someone should start if they want to get into it.


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