Episode 216: Willpower Doesn’t Work – Author Interview with Benjamin Hardy

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Benjamin Hardy has been the #1 writer on Medium.com since 2016. He writes about self-improvement, motivation, learning, and entrepreneurship, organically receives over 1,000 new email subscribers daily, and works to help his readers live in alignment with their highest values and visions.

Last month, Benjamin sent me a copy of his new book, Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success. I started reading it immediately and was hooked. It’s phenomenal. Challenging everything we’ve been taught about what it takes to improve our lives, ourselves, and achieve our goals (hint: it’s not willpower), Benjamin enlightens us with a new paradigm that I believe is revolutionary in personal development.

Today, he joins the podcast to talk about the book, what it means to be 100% committed to anything you truly want to achieve, and the power of shaping your environment. If you’ve ever set goals and fallen short of them, this is a must-listen.


  • Why relying on willpower dooms us to failure—especially when we’re 98% committed to something.
  • The reason we need a mixture of high stress and high recovery environments in order to succeed.
  • Benjamin’s 5 steps to proactively shape your environment to best achieve your goals—and why it’s so important to have people in your life to hold you accountable.
  • How writing his first book helped Benjamin redefine the audience he wants to build—and can help you better define yours.


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