Episode 205: Facing Fear & Finding Your Mission with Dr. Richard Shuster

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Having survived a near-death experience myself (or maybe two of them?), I am pleased to bring you today’s guest Dr. Richard Shuster, who walked away from a near-death experience that forever changed his life’s journey – and led him to become the neuroscientist and altruist he is today.

After Jon Berghoff’s recent appearance on Richard’s podcast, The Daily Helping, Richard joins us to teach you how to Face YOUR Fears and Find Your Mission, sharing his inspiring true story – and the unexpected twists and turns that brought him into alignment with his mission.


  • How a devastating accident became Richard’s spark for major personal and professional growth.
  • Why we’re motivated by the need to feel significant – and how it affects everything we do.
  • What altruism really means – and the importance of not expecting anything in return.
  • How to listen to the world in order to align what you do with what you care about.


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