Episode 203: Music with a Message – Empowering New Songs from Brotha James

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“Flip the conversation in your head and make it a conversation worth having.”

Brotha James

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My good friend Jeremy “Brotha James” Reisig has dedicated his life to creating music with a message. This week, he returns to the podcast to share new songs that will help you feel happier, more grateful, and motivated to become the best version of yourself.

After years of creating, playing, and performing for audiences of all ages, Brotha James is getting ready to release his debut album—Abracadabra—and today, he’s playing songs, telling stories, and letting you know how you can help bring this vision to life.

To support Brotha James and become a part of the making of this wonderful new album, check out his crowdfunding campaign right here.


  • Song/Message #1: “Not My Mind” — This song is about silencing the voices in our head that don’t always serve us or help us on our journey, as well as asking the important questions: “What’s working for me?” and “What isn’t?”
  • Song/Message #2: “Grateful” — A song about falling into gratitude, and asking a question that’s always important… “What am I grateful for?”
  • Song/Message #3: “Abracadabra” – A song about flipping the conversations you have with yourself, making sure they’re the ones worth having, and the magic words that will empower you.
  • Song/Message #4: “Miracle Morning”— A song about waking up before you have to, to do something that empowers you to become the best version of yourself.


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