Episode 200: Life Lessons from a Generous Multi-Millionaire with David Osborn

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"I never really quit on me."

David Osborn

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David Osborn has had massive success in real estate, building one of the world’s top brokerages and founding over 50 companies in less than a decade.

However, what truly defines David isn’t just his professional achievements. It’s his dedication to personal growth—and being the best husband, father, businessman, and all-around human he can possibly be, no matter what life throws his way.

Today, I wanted to share a very special conversation that was recorded at this year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint event. David joins Jon Berghoff on stage to discuss his surprising journey and how inner change can reshape the world for the better.

Would you like to hang out with David to learn more about how he empowers people to build wealth, momentum, and happiness? If so, click HERE to find out how you can join David and many other high achieving entrepreneurs at the GoBundance 6th Annual Winter Adventure Mastermind (Jan 16th – 20th).


  • The difference between Vicious Cycles and Virtuous Cycles—and David’s strategies for living a wonderful, magnificent, and abundant life.
  • Why making mistakes and screwing up is completely okay, so long as you trust your inner voice, recover and re-center yourself.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with great people—and why they need to earn the right to be a part of your circle.
  • How to tune out poisonous information and protect your mental health, especially when you have no control over the circumstances.
  • How to use your personal & professional success to help others all over the world and solve serious problems for those most in need.


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