Episode 197: Elevating Gratitude on the Planet by 1% with Mr. Thank You

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“What you appreciate appreciates.”

John Israel

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There’s always someone to thank and appreciate. So why don’t we tell people what they mean to us more often? Why do we let excuses like — “I’m too busy” or “What difference will it make?” — get in the way of showing our appreciation to the people who bring value to our lives?

John Israel, Founder of the Mr. Thank You Project, joins the podcast to share his mission—to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by inspiring 74 million Thank You cards. He kicked it off by writing five (5) Thank You cards every day for an entire year, which even got him featured on ABC News!

What if everyone in your life knew what they meant to you? Ready to take one small step? Simply start by thanking one person you care about. Then visit MrThankYou.com to join the movement!


  • How to train your brain to look for the gifts in your life—and become emotionally aware in the process!
  • What is the Mr. Thank You Project and how will it elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by 1%?
  • John tells some incredible stories about sharing gratitude with the people he appreciates—from his friends & family to baristas and pilots.
  • Learn how you can create a major impact with any community using the power of communal gratitude
  • Hear about one of the most memorable communal experiences John created for me at this year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint!
  • The importance of eliminating excuses to love and appreciate those who may not be here tomorrow.
  • And much more…


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