Episode 193: How to Overcome & Achieve (Almost) Anything: Wisdom I just shared with one of my first coaching clients…

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I’m a believer in the “ripple effect”… the idea that one lesson or moment in life can spark something that will change you and the world in bigger ways than you can imagine.

And recently, I sat down with Rob Dial (one of my first coaching clients) to share the lessons that have had this effect on my own life and personal development.

Rob is doing amazing things – I’m so proud of him and the work he does. In this conversation, you’ll quickly understand why his YouTube videos have over 50 MILLION views… he asks the questions that NO ONE else asks and pulls wisdom out of me that I’ve never talked about in this kind of detail on any podcast before!

We talk about the lessons that have helped me stay positive in the middle of life’s biggest challenges (including my most recent battle with cancer) and how to apply them to yours.

The original live broadcast of this conversation on Rob’s MWF Motivation podcast was so impactful for so many people. Here is just a small sample of the feedback we received from the livestream:


Hal Elrod Powerful! You will be changing millions of people’s lives!! Your interview with Rob was so life changing that I shared it to my wall so I can listen to it a zillion times and share it with my daughter.” – Lise Granelli

Such a powerful interview! This really touched me.” – Sizzle and Sim

So much to apply.” – Christine Gruber Wiekrykas

This interview impacted me in so many ways this morning.” – Hope Hub


Also, our Best Year Ever Blueprint event is right around the corner and I want to personally invite you to it. This event single-handedly launched Rob’s MWF Motivation podcast (which he shares more about with us in this conversation), and it’s going to be another amazing experience this year.

(To learn more about the Best Year Ever Blueprint visit www.bestyeareverlive.com)

So…ready to learn the things that have helped me (and Rob) conquer life’s biggest challenges and create ripples in the lives of others around us?


  • How to take control of your emotions using the “5-minute rule” that started everything for me
  • How to balance optimism and delusion in the midst of crisis
  • Why affirmations are the most powerful form of self development I’ve ever discovered and how they can help you achieve your goals
  • The single most important philosophy to being personally fulfilled
  • How the Best Year Ever Blueprint event changed Rob’s life…and how it could do the same for you!
  • And so much more…


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