Episode 191: Meet one of my heroes in life and business – Joe Polish

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“I want to use my marketing skills to reduce human suffering and save lives.”

Joe Polish

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I’ll never forget the day I met one of my heroes. I was attending a Strategic Coach workshop in Los Angeles, and spotted who I thought “might” be him, but I wasn’t sure. I had only seen his picture online, so I wasn’t certain that it was actually him.

I quickly turned to my colleague, “Is that Joe Polish?”

It was, and on the next break, I approached Joe to tell him how much I appreciated the value that he added to my life and to the world.

I figured that’s what a hero would want to know.

Why is Joe one of my heroes?

Because he cares deeply about people, and he consistently uses the extraordinary success he’s achieved to help as many people as he possibly can.

From addiction and abuse as a child, to growing one of the most successful marketing businesses on the planet, Joe Polish has lived the struggle – and has had amazing success in spite of it.

That is why I’m so excited to have him as a featured BYEB Instructor live at next month’s “Entrepreneur Day” during this year’s Best Year Ever [Blueprint] LIVE Experience. Click here to see how you can join us and learn from Joe – in person!

In today’s conversation, Joe talks with Jon Berghoff about how he overcame severe childhood trauma and became a best-selling author who works with entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss – and how the two relate to each other.


  • Why pain, struggles, and challenges are actually the prerequisites for great success.
  • The key mindsets that got Joe where he is today and how they can help you with your goals both professionally and personally.
  • Why being good at something isn’t enough and why marketing and sales are the keys to getting paid as an entrepreneur.
  • Why developing a “rare and unique skill” is more important than chasing the latest or greatest business opportunity.
  • The 4 things that help addicts break the cycle and why they are essential for your own success.
  • And MUCH more…


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