Episode 187: The 4 Questions That Will Change Your Life

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"Questions immediately change our future before the answers even arrive."

Jon Berghoff

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Imagine if you possessed 4 powerful questions that would automatically put you in a positive state of mind, improve your relationships with every person in your life, and deepen your sense of purpose.

Today’s podcast episode is an unscripted conversation between me and Jon Berghoff that originally aired live, this past Tuesday. You’re about to listen to Jon and I engaging in a very personal dialogue about 4 scientifically backed questions that have the power to completely change your life.

But first, here are just a few of the 434 comments that were left by those watching live:

  • Mariam: That was amazing! I’m all the more motivated to push through every challenge I face. Thank you!!
  • Evan: Thank you Hal and Jon. The visualization exercise helped bring intense clarity as to how I can live out my purpose. I’m more excited than ever to put new ideas into action and can truly see how my actions will positively impact the world!
  • Shirley: Wow that was incredible … amazing images and feelings.

It’s important for you to know that as Founder of the Flourishing Leadership Institute, Jon’s job is literally to use the power of strategically designed questions to facilitate rapid, strengths-based, whole system transformation for organizations and communities, which he’s done for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

What Jon discovered is that these same principles—the ones that global organizations regularly invest $100,000+ for Jon to teach and help them implement—can also be applied on an individual level. And today, Jon’s going to share his knowledge with you!

*BONUS* Guided Visualization:

Not only do we give you the following 4 questions and explain how to use them, Jon’s going to lead you through a powerful and inspiring guided visualization that you most definitely won’t want to miss!


  • Question #1 can lead to both immediate and lasting motivation, fuel and sustainable drive. Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative and author of The Purpose Economy would suggest that this question has redefined what it means to be our best at work and at home.


  • Question #2 will reconnect you with your highest capabilities, unlimited potential, and your greatest capacity for new levels of fulfillment and achievement. Over 19 million people have asked this question in the past 15 years… you don’t want to miss the boat!


  • Question #3 will enable you to redefine the “DNA” that dictates if and how effectively you take action. Researchers Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall would consider this question to be at the root of what it means to develop our Spiritual Intelligence.


  • Question #4 is one that leading scientists like Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and Dr. Carol Dweck, from the field of Positive Psychology, have determined this question to be the highest determinant of your ability to “shape your destiny”.


  • *BONUS* Guided Visualization: This will be one of the highlights of your day when you listen to today’s episode. Jon leads you through a powerful and inspiring guided visualization! You’ll also receive his best advice for taking the images in your mind and turning them into reality.


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