Episode 172: Discover How to Tap into Your Strengths (with Alissa Daire Nelson)

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"So often the message we put out to the world, is the one we need to hear the most.”

Alissa Daire Nelson

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Alissa Daire Nelson spent the first 30 years of her life, perpetually asking herself, “What’s wrong with me?” That was until she discovered the StrengthsFinder assessment, which completely transformed her life.

Instead of focusing on her shortcomings, as we all do at times, Alissa learned how we can tap into our strengths and embrace what makes us uniquely and unapologetically awesome!

Today, she’s regularly featured on television news segments, inside major blogs and publications, and on podcasts from all over the globe, as an accomplished Success Coach, Speaker, host of the Maximize Your Strengths podcast, as well as published author of the new book; From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome: 4 Steps to Achieve the Success You’re Wired For.

Just as Alissa suggested, this is an explosive conversation that will teach you how to realize your own strengths and pay attention to the things that bring the most energy to your life. You’ll learn all about the StrengthsFinder profile and how you can use it to become the best version of yourself.

Ready to stop beating yourself up over what you’re not good at, so you can start focusing on your biggest strengths?


  • How the StrengthsFinder assessment transformed her life and how she can help you do the same!
  • The ROI of focusing on your strengths.
  • The major differences between skills and strengths.
  • Where you can take the StrengthsFinder assessment.
  • And much more…


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