Episode 170: Here’s How to Get a PhD in YOU with Julie Reisler

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"You get to decide how you’re going to design your life."

Julie Reisler

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I have a small confession; I never finished college.

Jon Berghoff, on the other hand, was already a professor at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, teaching executives, before the age of 30.

Today Jon brings his expertise to a conversation with the brilliant, Julie Reisler, author of the new book Get A PhD In You: A Course in Miraculous Self Discovery. Once an emotional overeater, lacking self-confidence, and underestimating her true potential, Julie now has a master’s degree in coaching and more than twelve certifications around health and well-being.

Julie joins the Achieve Your Goals podcast to discuss how she broke free from an unhappy life and the tips and strategies that will allow you (and/or someone you love) to create the life you truly love!

In this powerful conversation, Julie shares the proven techniques and principles that she’s used to help companies, universities, governments, and teams of all sizes, get unstuck and take things to the next level.

Are you ready to rewrite a much better version of your story? If so, this conversation will definitely empower you to finally take the next step towards designing your best life yet!


  • [02:30] What YOU can do to intentionally design the life of your dreams.
  • [04:00] How she went from an out of control eater who felt unhappy, unfulfilled and “not enough” to uncovering the best version of herself!
  • [10:00] Guess what? You’re not the only one with problems! Jon reminds us that even the most successful people on the planet are a little messed up ?
  • [11:15] The moments that led to her new book Get A PhD In You: A Course in Miraculous Self Discovery.
  • [19:20] When you look in the mirror what do you see? Find out if you’re focusing on the things that are negatively impacting your life and what you can do to ensure your thoughts are congruent with your goals.
  • [30:10] Learn how to uncover your true strengths, so you can live life with more energy, purpose and passion.
  • [37:06] What story are you telling yourself and is it serving you? Find out how changing the narrative could completely transform the way you live your life.


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