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Episode 169: Moving Past Anxiety & Fear with Tim JP Collins

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Today we’re releasing a special bonus show between Yo Pal Hal and Tim JP Collins. In this never-released conversation, Tim will show you how to look at anxiety from a completely different perspective, so you can learn to manage it and start living the life of your dreams!

Having struggled with anxiety on and off throughout his life and then finally experiencing an uncontrollable panic attack at the height of his career, Tim knows what it’s like to live life in fear.

Tim explored traditional treatments to cope, but eventually realized that his anxiety was thriving because he was trying desperately to hide it. Tim finally learned that instead of running away from his anxiety, he needed to lean in and embrace it. Overtime, he was able to get his life back!

Now, Tim JP Collins is known as “The Breakthrough Anxiety Coach” and has dedicated himself to supporting others who suffer with anxiety, stress and panic attacks. His approach isn’t just about coping, it’s about moving past anxiety and fear to live the life you were destined for.

Tim is also the creator & host of The Anxiety Podcast. Each week he interviews people that have stories that you will be able to relate to. The interviews are raw, real and vulnerable and people share what’s really going on for them.

Tim believes that the more out of alignment we are in our lives, the more anxiety & stress will show up.  So he really looks at the bigger picture when working with clients.


  • The defining goal that gave Tim the confidence to take control of his destiny.
  • Tim walks us through his entire morning ritual, from the moment he wakes up until the time he begins his workday.
  • Learn how to increase productivity, lower stress, and take control of your life… all with this one little habit.
  • Find out why anxiety can dramatically hinder your ability to set and achieve goals.
  • Tim shares the story of when he had a massive panic attack during an important presentation and why the traditional system for treating anxiety completely failed him.
  • Find out if the food you eat is a contributing factor to your anxiety.
  • What is the #1 reason anxiety shows up for 25% of the population?
  • Deliver the best presentation of your life by harnessing the power of nervous energy.
  • Discover the 3 C’s to beating anxiety and becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Find out how The Anxiety Journal can help you feel less anxiety and more excitement… with only a few minutes per day!


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